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SPF checker created by an author of the SPF RFC4408.


The following nameservers were found for the hostname shaw.ca.
ns9htok.shawcable.net [ns9htok.shawcable.net]
ns8socg.shawcable.net [ns8socg.shawcable.net]
ns7nocg.shawcable.net [ns7nocg.shawcable.net]

The following rules for the host name shaw.ca were found. A total of 1 queries (as defined by RFC4408) were performed for fetching SPF and related records.
The DNS lookups for SPF took 1708msec.
  1. Allow if the IP matches an MX record of shaw.ca
    1. smtp.glb.shawcable.net.
    2. idcmail-mx1so.cg.shawcable.net.
    3. idcmail-mx2no.cg.shawcable.net.
  2. Allow all from the range
  3. Allow all from the range
  4. Allow all from the range
  5. Allow all from the ip
  6. Allow all from the ip
  7. Allow if the PTR record of the IP points to bis.na.blackberry.com or a subdomain of it.
  8. Allow all from the range
  9. Soft deny all IPs which do not match any previous rule
Allow means that the stated addresses are allowed to send emails.
Soft deny means that the stated addresses are not allowed to send emails.
Deny means that emails from the stated addresses must not be accepted.