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Example host names with SPF records:
ipswitch.com, microsoft.com, google.com, gmail.com, apple.com, postini.com, ebay.com, okinawatimes.co.jp, bitcointalk.org, thecannells.org, facebook.com, shaw.ca, ubs.com, kitterman.com

SPF checker created by an author of the SPF RFC4408.


The following nameservers were found for the hostname microsoft.com.
ns3.msft.net [ns3.msft.net]
ns1.msft.net [ns1.msft.net]
ns2.msft.net [ns2.msft.net]
ns4.msft.net [ns4.msft.net]

could not retrieve spf configuration
Allow means that the stated addresses are allowed to send emails.
Soft deny means that the stated addresses are not allowed to send emails.
Deny means that emails from the stated addresses must not be accepted.